Sunday, December 6, 2009

Faces are hard

Last week was great if you had a lot of homework in other classes, but bad if all you needed to do was draw faces better.  Im hoping Amy is still planning to actually lecture on the skull, since its the lectures from which I benifit most.  Josh's demo was helpful however, and my drawings improved slightly because of it.

 I am still making my subjects look like they're over the hill in my face drawings.  Part of the problem, I believe, is that I am adding as many cross-contours to the face details as I would any other area of the body that I draw.  Perhaps the facial recognition ability of the human mind is too strong for this approach.  There may be only 4 or 5 lines that are actually necessary to portray a face, and a maximum 4 lines if the face is young.  Its a simple game.  Lines on the face are either bone structure, openings in the skin, or wrinkles.  The lines of the former two are essentially universal with little variance, however the lines of the latter increase in abundance with age while placements vary with demeanor.

These two drawings were from the Thursday class that was sort of cancelled.  Linnea, Jon and I took turns posing and drawing for 20 minutes.  The faces that I drew are not attrocious in their own right.  However, they look nothing like Linnea or Jon.  I drew Jon's nose too long, and I drew Linnea much older.  Bummer.  I need to draw faces until I can get it right.

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