Wednesday, April 28, 2010

as expected, sort of.

It does look very different than it did yesterday, and I have to say that there were things happening under that tape that I didnt expect.  With the tape off the left side, I notice how locked my eyes get into the chair area.  This is a little detrimental to how I want the eyes to flow around the painting.  However, I thought of a solution.  I think I might sand down the left side a little bit.  Perhaps this will push the left side back into space and keep the eyes from getting trapped.  I better sleep on it though.  Maybe I'll like it a lot in the morning.  For real, that happens.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

You can't be afraid of accidentally destroying your painting

I wanted to document this painting before I began my late night painting session.  It'll look very different after tonight.  I can't know what it'll look like exactly, but I know what I am going to do to it.  Im thinking that I will do some serious sanding on the donkey train.  In the original idea, the donkeys were supposed to be vague and more ghost-like.  They grab way too much attention as they currently are.  I think I can tone them down with the sanding, then a highlight stain with white, and then a white stain wash over all of that.  The donkey that is most protruding will have less of this white stain wash and the furthermost donkey will be mostly obscurred by white.  There's a ton more that Im doing tonight as well, but working on those damn asses will be the most complicated part of the night.  So here it is!  My painting before I wreck it.  If you let the fear of accidentally destroying your artwork paralyze you, you'll never reap the rewards that are sown through risk.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

battling this thing

I know that I haven't blogged for a bit, but that because the painting was going through an ugly phase.  Its better now.  I agree with my collegues that the strength of the material lies in allowing a deep hand-rubbed stain serve as the shadows and sanding the surface to bring out highlights.  The white pigment stain as highlight is a bit supressive to the wood's natural beauty, which is ok in some places where concept calls for it.  However, to do that everywhere is a mistake, and causes the painting to lose its breath.  I will use the white pigment stain on the train of donkeys as a reflection of an oppressive light source.  I will also use it on the child's shirt and the small horses to speak of the concept of white-washing.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Red Mules

Here's part of the mule wall-paper-like pattern.  This thing actually might be closer to being finished then I may have thought.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

working on the blanket now

I really like the red stain that I mixed and applied for the shadows of the blanket.  Its blood-like.  The oxidized kind.

I wanted to add this detail of the blanket before I use the mid-tone stain.  I think its very powerful as it is, but I am still compelled to move forward as planned.  Its not like the graphic quality of the shadows will be erased, its just that they will be something a little different than they are now.  I am thankfull for digital photography.  I can capture all the beautiful steps in between.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Artists are Criminals

The stain application turned out better than expected.  I was very unsure of applying this coat of stain on the chair.  This is probably the case because it is a stain color that I have not worked with a lot nor did I do a test application.  The English Chestnut was instant gratification indeed.  So much about this process is tedious and requires alot of patience.  The work is heavily front-loaded in planning and detailed preparation.  Then, just like how I imagine an armed bank robbery goes, you load up your instrument and will yourself to unload it.  Running through the motions of the plan turns into an awakening acknowledgement of developing obstacles, plus a pounding awareness of time drying up all of your opportunities.  You duck and dodge, and improvise and take it.  Then stop yourself from taking more and run cuz your about to fuck it up.

Artists are criminals.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Painting

Attention class.  This is my new painting.  Please make it feel welcome, and try to answer any questions it may have.  It doesn't quite know its way around yet.

Friday, April 2, 2010

I think its ready for varnish

Im thinking that Im done with this thing.  I'll wait until I talk with Charlie before I varnish it, but even if he wants me to rework stuff I dont think I will.  I like it how it is right now.