Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In the juried exhibition! Balla!

My painting titled Your Wrong was accepted into the end of year-juried exhibition.  The painting is hanging in the Furlong Gallery at Stout all summer.  I'm really excited that I've touched as many milestones as I have this year.  I'm finding that after my 2 year hiatus I can still run with the rest of 'em.  Personal pride has a lot to do with me being back in school, but I have to say that the main reason I cam back is that I knew I needed it to become a professional artist.  I needed the wisdom of the faculty, the camaraderie of my colleagues, and the challenge of the due date.

Looking forward, I have a couple things on my plate this summer.  There's a particular publication and a certain residency that I want to nail.  I also have my trip to England, which is coming up in about 10 days!  I’m also going to summerfest in Milwaukee mostly to see the Silversun Pickups, but Modest Mouse and Counting Crows will be there too.  Next year I see myself tripling the exhibitions I partake in, and setting up a legit studioghost website.  I have GD roomies next year so hopefully I can glean some wisdom on website building.  BTW, the roomies are a good bunch of guys and I’m mucho looking forward to the living situation.  Partay!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Itzall done son

Here are the final works for Spring Semester 2010.  Im happy with them.  Reviews in crit this morning were mixed but thats fine.  I think people generally enjoy them, which is nice, but even if everyone hated them I would probably only be more stubbron for it.  I still need to spend time with them and decide for myself what I think.  Perhaps I'll place them across from me at the kitchen table and have my molskine set near so I can jot down notes as I stare at them during morning cereal.  Since I have roomates soon, I may have to do something different.  They might not want to share their kitchen with my artwork.  The apartment wall will have to suffice I guess.

Flight of Persius
Oil Stain on Oak Flooring
3' x 3'

From Left:

Estrangement, D.O.B. 2-9-06
Lemon juice and watercolor on paper
30" x 50"

Severance, D.O.B. 10-5-09
Lemon juice and watercolor on paper
30" x 50"

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Two Paintings and Two Days

Here's the beginings of the end of Spring semester 2010.  This diptych, when completed, fulfills my obligations to the class contract.  I'm rather excited to see how this one turns out.  Once the masking fluid is applied it should not take very long.  Im going to color this one with lemon juice mostly.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

closing in on the finishing details

I hopeful about this thing.  Im thinking that it will be done on time and in the manner I originally planned.  That barely ever happens.