Tuesday, April 27, 2010

You can't be afraid of accidentally destroying your painting

I wanted to document this painting before I began my late night painting session.  It'll look very different after tonight.  I can't know what it'll look like exactly, but I know what I am going to do to it.  Im thinking that I will do some serious sanding on the donkey train.  In the original idea, the donkeys were supposed to be vague and more ghost-like.  They grab way too much attention as they currently are.  I think I can tone them down with the sanding, then a highlight stain with white, and then a white stain wash over all of that.  The donkey that is most protruding will have less of this white stain wash and the furthermost donkey will be mostly obscurred by white.  There's a ton more that Im doing tonight as well, but working on those damn asses will be the most complicated part of the night.  So here it is!  My painting before I wreck it.  If you let the fear of accidentally destroying your artwork paralyze you, you'll never reap the rewards that are sown through risk.

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