Thursday, April 8, 2010

Artists are Criminals

The stain application turned out better than expected.  I was very unsure of applying this coat of stain on the chair.  This is probably the case because it is a stain color that I have not worked with a lot nor did I do a test application.  The English Chestnut was instant gratification indeed.  So much about this process is tedious and requires alot of patience.  The work is heavily front-loaded in planning and detailed preparation.  Then, just like how I imagine an armed bank robbery goes, you load up your instrument and will yourself to unload it.  Running through the motions of the plan turns into an awakening acknowledgement of developing obstacles, plus a pounding awareness of time drying up all of your opportunities.  You duck and dodge, and improvise and take it.  Then stop yourself from taking more and run cuz your about to fuck it up.

Artists are criminals.

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