Tuesday, March 16, 2010

thumbs up

Working on the hands now.  I tried a new technique for shading and linework.  I put in my lines with the dremel and an exacto knife.  Then I'll sand out the walnut on the suface, leaving the stained grooves caused by the dremel and knife.  Basically, like an etching plate without the printing process.  After the sanding, I will try a coat of gunstock for a layer of warmth.  Then lightly sand it down in the shaded areas and sand it down completely in the highlights.  Then stain it all with puritan pine.  If the highlights are not good enough, I will have to do a coat of homemade white.  but I hope I don't have to go there because I want to treat the skin differently than I treated the sweaters.  The sweaters are almost completely home-made stain and the material has a residue effect.

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