Saturday, September 12, 2009

Life Drawing fall 09 post 1

Almost There, 2005, charcoal on paper

Untitled, 2007, charcoal on newsprint

Humpty George, 2005, mixed media

Not My Boots, 2007, mixed media on paper

I have always had a painterly style of drawing, and I knew I am in for a challenge when Prof. Fichter told the class that she is looking for the exact opposite style for her class.  I think it will be good for me though, and I must admit that I have felt the need for more structure and better line quality in my work.  Sometimes my drawing is bland because all of the marks have the same size and weight.

The art that I have posted is a good sampling of my curiosities.  I enjoy collage and experimenting with unusual media.  Honestly, my favorite art supply store is Home Depot (Menards closes too early for artists).  I think its because I am process oriented and I am always thinking of a new material to manipulate.  The brownish “painting” has the subjects made by lemon juice.  It’s a fun process and I love the tone of the end product.

I am taking life drawing this semester because I felt it would be a good place to pick up again.  It has been a couple years since I attended college in Duluth at UMD, and I’m afraid my drawing skills are rusty.  I’m hoping that this class will give me a good foundation as I transfer to a new school and a new major.  I was in Art Education until an urban middle school broke me.  You have to be in it for teaching the kids, and not just to be an artist with a weekly paycheck.

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  1. Excellent site you have here brosef!! This is a great way to showcase your talent and and great vehicle for friends and family to view your artwork evolve. Keep it up!