Saturday, September 26, 2009

All nine muscles

I just finished sculpting the homework assignment.  I guess I'm living up to the name of the blog since its almost 2 am and Im still in the life drawing studio.  The all-nighter is an old habit that will die hard.  I'm learning to front-load the all-nighter instead of waiting until the night before.  This way I have the whole weekend without any obligations.  I better get home and get to bed though.  I get up at 5 am for work 5 days a week so my body's alarm clock is set pretty early.  What good is a homework free weekend if your dragging you feet without enough sleep?!  Catch 22.

I'll take pictures of the muscles tomorrow.




Here are the photos as promised.  I messed with the contrast and such in iPhoto for didactic purposes.  I've never taken university level sculpture so I'm not sure my rendering with the clay will pass.  I hope it does, since Im getting the heck out of Dodge for the rest of the weekend.  Its my littlest brother's birthday party in the T.C.

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