Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Back In Brown (work in progress)

Hello all!

I back for another attempt at routine self documentation practice.  In other words, I have to get better at posting my stuff on the web.  It has been almost a year since my last post and a lot has occurred.  My painting titled Your Wrong was part of the ArtsWest exhibit in Eau Claire last March, and I had new large work accepted titled PM nest into the yearly publication/art exhibit Prometheus last April.

Your Wrong
Oil Stain on Oak Flooring

PM nest
Lemon juice, oil paint and graphite on paper

No. 1
Oil paint on paper

No. 2
Oil paint on paper

I am still into the lemon juice and the staining has gone on hiatus, but will make a reappearance late this summer.  Here is a peek at some current work in progress.

They are a bit more intimate.  The scale is 10" by 24".  The main idea for these smaller pieces is to stand as a sort of hyphen between the larger works.  A hyphen functions to simultaneously divide yet join two things.  It is my hope that through these I will be able to flesh out more of the peculiar narrative that seems to be heaving to the surface in my work.

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