Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Summary of knowledge gained and knowledge lacking.

Life Drawing One has been an exciting challenge as I re-enter school.  There has been fast progress as I learn the guidlines and appropriate them into methods of my own.  Yet, there seems to be a vast amount for me to learn.  We haven't even begun drawing the upper-body. 

The open-drawing sessions seem to have helped me in my progress, but these sessions are most benificial after a lecture on a specific body part/area.  The lectures give me the information and the tools to use in the drawing sessions to make a more accurate and dynamic drawing.  For instance I could have attended a dozen open drawing sessions at the begining of the semester, but without being taught how to build a drawing starting with the spine/ribs, I would still be making akward outline drawings.  Once I started establishing the body's structure in my gesture drawings, I felt like I had advanced at warp speed.  All of the sudden, I could more accurately communicate depth, weight, and volocity.

A major frustration for me has been the pelvis.  I think I have been struggling because I am not yet practiced enough at drawing the muscle attatchments and other landmarks of the pelvis.  I feel that I was doing better earlier in October when I was approaching the pelvis intuitively without instruction.  When I attempted to understand and draw the pelvis factually, everything was jarred.  It wasn't until I had a few pelvis drawing demos, and several open drawing sessions, that I finally began to portray the pelvis more accurately.  Maybe drawing from the Maniken could get me used to the muscle attatchments.  I hope to attend some more open-drawing sessions to synchronize knowledge and muscle memory.  That act is something that I love about art.

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