Sunday, November 22, 2009

Is it Done?

Heres my attempts so far at the huge shell drawing due Tuesday.  I first noticed a view of my shell that somewhat resembled a turkey.  Thinking this was amusing, I began my drawing with much enthusiasm and giddiness.  I even had a turkey portrait theme song thanks to my cold medicine.  Damn Robitussin.  It didn't turn out very well.  My turkey drawing was flat and boring, much more so than the song, much more.  The endevor needed a new course, so I ran to PenCo, traded my gold tooth for a new sheet of Stonehenge, and chose a new view of the shell.  This time there were no festive themes, less enthusiam/giddiness, and iTunes took care of the music.  Should have stuck with the winning combination in the first place.  The second drawing is faring much better.  Less lines and a less confusing view point.  However, I am struggling with part of the drawing experiece where you decided to stop drawing.  I seem to go too far and pile on lines until the contours are confusing and ugly.  Maybe this time I should err on the side of being almost finished.  Yet, I spent much less time on the second one.  So, is it done?

First Attempt

Second Attempt

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