Monday, November 23, 2009

Its Done

I feel that this drawing is visually appealing and meets the requirements of the assignment.  I was not sure whether or not it was a finished drawing Sunday night.  The decision of when to stop has become difficult for me.  I was afraid of drowning a decent drawing in unnecessary lines.  Monday after work I felt some inspiration to forge ahead with final details.  Im glad I did.  The drawing isn't overloaded.  There is still space to let planes fall into the background, and allow the "knobs" to come out at the viewer.

Some comments made in critique were that I had interesting line quality, yet the bottom of the shell drawing seemed flat and confusing.  With this comment I agree.  I am dissappointed in that area of the drawing.  Once you draw it on this paper though, its written in stone... henge.  yeah, corny, I know.  Amy applauded my restraint in blacking out the background yet wished that I had placed the entire shell in the middle of the paper.  This idea wierds me out.  It seems to go against all my notions of composition.  An object floating in a blank space, in the middle of that blank space, is not something that excites me.  Since she's the teacher, I'll trust it and try for that composition if we draw these shells again.


  1. BRAVO!!!! JOB WELL DONE!!!! I also take your side in the argument of position, I like your approach of placing the shell towards the corner. I think it accentuates the top of the shell and gives it more clarity. it opens up in the space rather than jus "be" in the space.