Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shell Drawing Numero Dos and Others

Progress has been made in my cross contour line drawings.  My figures are getting more spatial and proportionately accurate.  I find more and more cross contour lines in my regular in-class work.  To bring it a step further, I think I need to be not so heavy with my line work right away.  Having all those lines crossing one another can suffocate a drawing.

Specifically, my shell drawing turned out to be quite interesting.  My first attempt at the assignment had me in Como Park last Saturday.  It was gorgeous outside, yet cold enough where I had difficulty keeping my muscles warmed up.  I decided to hold off and wait until I could draw my shell in my warm house.  I'm glad I decided to quit at Como.  I was rushing through the compositional stages because I was afraid of getting too cold.  When I got home I could look at my new shell from all angles and thoughtfully compose my drawing.  Looking for human forms in the shell, I discovered an area that looked like a female torso.  The theme interested me, which is important when doing a long drawing.  The piece turned out well I believe.  It is very dimensional.  Below is said drawing, followed by in-class drawings from the last couple classes.

Shell Drawing #2, 2009, conte and charcoal on paper

In-Class Drawings Nov. 5th

Cross Contour, 1 hour

1 Hour

In-Class Drawings Nov. 10th

20 Minutes

20 Minutes

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